Monday, 20 February 2017


10K TO MAKE 20K 20K TO MAKE 40k 50k TO MAKE 100k INVEST AND EARN IN 24 HOURS (1 DAY) Matching takes place every 6 hours. We are a peer-to-peer social Financial network where members invest and get return increase of 200% on investment in 24hrs(1 day) You PROVIDE HELP immediately u get in the group and GET HELP in 24 hrs. Everything we do here is TRANSPARENT OUR VISION: Solving Financial Problems. HOW TO APPLY 1. Be ready to play by the RULES! 2. Have a phone number 3. Have a valid bank account number and ready to make transfer. 4. Money must be readily available 5, Dedicated and Serious minded 6. Its on first come first serve basis. BENEFITS 1.Consistent income in 200% increase RULES 1. PH as much as u want 2 . Every PH should GH with same name as of the PH 3 . Your GH time begins to count based on the time you post your proof of payment. 4 . Always make sure that you post proof with your full name and the full name of the GH. 5. GH LIST is based on the time of the post of "proof of payment". (Always post your proof and then wait for Admin to confirm and post your GH list but you will be shortlisted based on the time of proof and not time of confirmation) PH in this format name/phone number/amount you want to ph To join follow this link

SOW AND REAP is a social network

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