Tuesday, 24 May 2016


  For those who don't know Ntel, it's a telecommunications company that provides 4G LTE-A Internet at 'arguably' affordable rates. I guess the idea of this thread is to focus on the 'arguably'.

-They are currently only active in Abuja but Lagos and PH are very close, according to their customer care, lagos is only a few days away-

I did some simulations and calculations of how much data you can pull using Ntel.
Realistically and Mathematically. Keeping in mind that you'll use Ntel for purely downloading purposes. I really don't think you need to consider Ntel if you don't do alot of downloading or huge data demanding activities online anyways. As the Reception can't backshift to 3G or 2G. U are also going to need a 4G capable device be it a phone or 4G USB/MiFi modem.

Let me also add by saying, i am in NO WAY affiliated to Ntel. I'm neither a staff nor any marketer of any form, I'm just an I.T Guy and a 'Concerned Citizen' lol.

Read below and tell me what you think.

Let's say the reception where u stay and/or work isn't so good, you still get around 5MB/s give or take. At the rate, u are doing 300MB/min and then 18GB/hr. Since we are being realistic, considering network fluctuations and what not. Realistically, we'll say you are doing 15GB/hr.

And Realistically, you get to download 12 hrs in a day. Let's take work days for example when u go to work and u leave ur downloads to run in the background of ur computer while u work, even when u go for lunch break, it's still on ur table, in the office downloading. So 8am to 5pm. 9hrs.
U get home at 7pm and continue. 3 more hours. 10pm u are tired u want to turn off ur computer and sleep (Realistically). That's our 12hr mark.

15GB x 12 = 180GB (1 day)
In 3 days = 180 x 3 = 540GB.
In 7 days = 180 x 7 = 1260GB.
In 1 month = 180 x 30 = 5400GB.

Let's just approximate it and chalk it down to uncertainty or other factors

500GB for 3 days.
1.2TB in 1 week.
5TB in 1 month.

You download for 24hrs a day and your network is perfect so steady 10MB/s. Let's assume it's a weekend or u on leave or you are jobless (lol). There's sha nothing stopping you from taking it personal because you want to must use it to the maximum. That and we being mathematical  You leave ur downloads to run even while you asleep lol (i know I've done it many times - IDM scheduler FTW!)
Which means u get 600MB/min and 36GB/hr
For a day, mathematically and without factors
36GB x 24 = 864GB/day
In 3 days = 864GB x 3 = 2.6 TB
In 7 days = 864GB x 7 = 6.05TB
In 1 month = 864GB x 30 = 25.9TB

So... Even taking the mathematical scenario and mixing some real life factors like nepa and i don't know.. Anything else... I'll approximate also just less aggressively.

2.5TB in 3 days.
6TB in 1 week.
25TB in 1 month.

So at least for the first 3 months when u get TRULY UNLIMITED and no fair usage to hold you back.

1K2 for 3 days
3K for 1 week
10K for 1 mon

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